Two Week Ayurvedic Mind Body Cleanse & Educational Program

Cleansing at the transition of the seasons is an ideal time. As we move toward a change in weather, a seasonal cleanse supports the clearing of any accumulated toxins and doshic excesses influenced by the prior season.

Mind Body Cleanse Program

- Two Week course (March 18th-31st 2018)
- Facilitated by Gianna Piccardo Ripa
- Cleanse protocol by Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta
- Equal parts Ayurvedic Education & Cleanse
- Gentle, yet Highly Effective
- Focused on Nourishment, not Restriction
- Specific to Liver Detoxification
- Supportive of Long Term Positive Change
- Online & Phone


Participants learn 

- Ayurvedic Cooking Basics
- Attuning to the Rhythms of Nature
- How to Build Proper Digestive Fire
- Ayurvedic Detoxification Practices
- Deeper Meaning & Purpose of the 7 Energy Centers, or Chakras


Why an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

In our Western way of thinking, we commonly perceive the art of cleansing as one that requires an attitude of negation and even mild suffering.

Contrary to rigid or fasting-based programs, Ayurvedic cleansing centers around correct nourishment, while providing circumstances that allow the body to release deeply held physical and emotional toxins.

While it is necessary to eliminate certain heavy or unclean foods, the attitude around Ayurvedic cleansing is one providing and allowing, versus efforting or forcing the body into cleanse mode.

Most people are surprised at how gentle, yet how incredibly effective this cleanse is. Participants often choose to incorporate many newly learned diet or lifestyle habits into their daily life, because they feel so good on the program.


How does the Program Work?

In this complete Ayurvedic Mind Body Cleanse and Educational Program, we'll take two weeks to practice balancing the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

All participants will receive access to the Spirit Healing Arts online schoolwhere the program is laid out in a step by step manner over 14 simple daily modules.

Information will be shared via Conference Calls, Videos, Handouts, Recipes, and online Q&A Discussion Forum.

Week One

Week Two

In the second week of the cleanse, we will allow the body to continue to release and renew, while focusing on clearing mental and emotional toxins. Daily restorative yoga and meditation with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta's Awaken Within program supports this process. Participants continue to follow herbal and dietary guidelines, with the exception of the herbalized oil, which is completed in the week prior.

In the first week, we'll support cleansing all seven tissue layers and specifically give our Liver extra attention. Increasing amounts of herbalized oil are taken nightly (a process called oleation) followed by a one time castor oil purge on day six and a day of rest on day seven. Other than this rest day, one can expect to keep a fairly normal schedule, with some potential modifications to correct eating and sleeping habits.

These last seven days of the cleanse put emphasis on clearing the energetic, mental and emotional bodies through the seven energy centers. This final week is also useful for integrating the cleanse, stimulating proper digestive fire and transitioning back into one's regular lifestyle.





Complete Two Week Program offers an experience you can integrate for long term results. 

- 30 minute Consult with Gianna

- 14 Daily Learning Modules

- 3 Live Conference Calls 

- 10 Educational Videos

- Online Q&A Forum

- Informational Handouts

- Sample Shopping List

- Easy to Cook Recipes

- Repeatable Learned Protocol

- Permanent Access to all Videos




Complete Product Package offers all required herbal formulas and supplemental products.

- Herbalized Liver Cleansing Oil

- Adios Ama Toxin Remover

- Cleanse Within Bowel Cleanser

- Mental Emotional Formula

- Awaken Within Yoga Program 

Tongue Scraper

- Raw unrefined pure Sesame Oil

- Cold Pressed Castor Oil

- Shipping within U.S.



Special Introductory Package for first time participants includes everything you need.

- Complete Two Week Program

- Complete Product Package


Repeat Program Participants


Because our body's needs change with the seasons and life circumstances, no two cleanse experiences are ever the same. While the learned protocol can easily be repeated on your own, some program participants may wish to repeat a group cleanse to benefit from a personalized pre-cleanse consult, live conference calls and ongoing group support at this greatly discounted rate. Additional herbal formulas may be purchased a la carte.