The healing work that I have received from André and Gianna has changed my life. I had severe spinal issues that I have been suffering with for many years. When I first came to them I was in such severe pain that sitting up for any length of time was excruciating. With their authentic love and care, with skillfulness and powerful intuitive understanding, their work has almost eliminated the problem altogether. I can now sit for hours at a time, something I thought was impossible before. Release and clearing of the core emotional issues behind my condition was also as profound. 

Rita Baxter | Eugene, OR


André and Gianna are profoundly skilled. Coupled with their exquisite ability to hold space, they bring a masterful yet gentle sensitivity to subtle processes, allowing for integration and healing at many levels.

Kimberly Carson, MPH | Portland, OR


I was immediately impressed with Gianna’s knowledge and experience, but mostly I was drawn to what an open, grounded, enthusiastic, and genuine person she is. She is professional, yet warm and caring. I feel like my sessions with Gianna are such a gift. They have supported my getting off all medications previously prescribed for stress and anxiety.

Tambra S. | Portland, OR

It’s a true pleasure to find a teacher who is not only singularly capable, but also has the rare ability to communicate with a peaceful, confident energy.  Gianna unquestionably falls into this exceptional category. I give her practice my highest recommendation.

Eric Marvin | Portland, OR


I enrolled in Gianna’s Healthy Living series and was immediately drawn in by the wisdom offered through Ayurveda and the compassionate foundation of Gianna’s teaching. I embraced Ayurveda as a system of healing and health, and began to make changes in my daily routine. In essence, Ayurveda has brought me an awareness of my Self. The practice of mindfulness is positively influencing every aspect of my life. I am redefining the concept of balance, which for me was once very elusive. 

 J.L. | Portland, OR


My life will forever be changed from the time I spent working with André Ripa.  My time with him has left me living a happier, healthier and more present existence. André is a firm and loving guide whose clear wisdom coaxes out the best of each person he works with. My work with him was perhaps one of the most important gifts I have given myself.

M. Chassler | Los Angeles, CA


Gianna is an incredibly smart and creative individual. Her ability to see the whole picture gives her an edge when it comes to delivering excellence. Her presence is grounding and her enthusiasm is contagious. I would highly recommend working with her.

Gina Mollicone-Long, Bestselling Author + Coach | Toronto, CANADA



Gianna is a gifted teacher who has implemented a truly holistic view in her work as healer. She offers many diverse and beautiful tools such as custom designed movement protocols, meditation and sound therapy. Her sessions are artistically choreographed and a blissful delight to experience. I would recommend this work to all my patients. 

Corinna Schmidt, Ayurvedic therapist + Owner of Maharani Ayurveda | Santa Barbara, CA  


Happy Mother's day Gianna! Although you really are not my mother at all, you have taken so many roles in my life all of which have helped shaped me into the person that I am. You have not only been an essential spiritual mentor but also a great friend who has helped me heal so many things in my life including my relationship with my own mother. Thank you for being in my life and being such a beautiful bright guiding light!

Ellen | Dallas, Tx


André and Gianna’s work reflects a highly complementary blend of male and female energy. They uniquely guide individuals through the power of sound, music and grounded love to deeper levels of awareness.  The effects of their directed intent is experienced as profoundly transformative.

 Tamara Morgan, VP of Communications, Foundation for Inner Peace | Mill Valley, CA

My investment with Gianna is the absolute best thing I have done for myself this year.

Kelly McGuire | Portland, OR




I just want to say thank you again for the Shirodhara treatment. It was really amazing and just what I needed. I slept deeply and I woke up feeling better than I have in a LONG time! I had more energy, and felt more joy, the next day than I have in months. In addition, I haven't had a single headache since so it was successful in breaking a week long headache cycle. Thank you!          

M.B. | Orange County, CA


André and Gianna are two of the best healers that I know. In the years that I've worked with them, they have continuously shown a deep dedication both to their craft and to the people they work with. In a world where many people claim to be highly evolved or have immense healing powers, André and Gianna don't make a big deal about themselves. But don't be deceived! Their profound gifts are revealed through the results that their many clients have received. In my case, I've grown so much from my work with them, and am forever grateful.  

 Justin Levy, L.Ac. | Portland, OR


Gianna was featured and interviewed in this Voyage LA magazine publication in 2017.

Spirit Healing Arts was awarded the Editor's Pick in the 2016 Best of Ventura County.