For those seeking a significant or lasting change, we recommend a series of sessions or one of our Intensive programs.

A private session is ideal for the individual who wants to get to know our work in a one on one setting.


Initial Intake

A complete Ayurvedic Consultation with Gianna, including evaluation and discussion of client needs, pulse diagnosis, personalized diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations. Included in all Intensive programs. 


Energy Healing with André & Gianna 

A combination of hands-on energy work, sound therapy with instruments and song, and intuitive counsel with both practitioners. A subtle yet powerful experience, incorporating a unique balance of masculine and feminine energetics. 


Shirodhara Therapy

Proven to calm and balance the nervous system, this classic Ayurvedic therapy is often described as blissful. A constant stream of oil over the forehead and scalp promotes stress reduction and mental clarity. Gianna infuses this traditional treatment with her unique use of instruments and sound to create an immersive healing experience that includes pulse diagnosis and essential oils. 

Watch a video to understand the scientific benefits of a traditional Shirodhara therapy.


Abhyanga & Marma Therapy

Abyhanga, traditional Ayurvedic massage, and Marma therapy, which works with subtle energy points along the body, are oil treatments that work beautifully either separately or combined. Benefits include deep relaxation and balancing of the subtle body and nervous system.


Ayurvedic Bliss

A two and a half hour treatment combining all three deeply restorative Ayurvedic therapies, Abhyanga, Marma and Shirodhara.  Included and expanded upon in all Panchakarma Intensives.


+ Session packages are individually tailored and custom priced